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Diy Cosmetic Surgery: Not a Good Idea

A Chicago-area woman who was 63 years of age died last week after she attempted “do it yourself” cosmetic surgery on herself in her own home.  It goes without saying that this is a horrible idea, but apparently there are individuals in the general public who try despite all logic and common sense.  The woman boiled beef, extracted the fat, and injected it into her own face.  Presumably she was attempting her own version of dermal fillers or fat transfer.  Shortly after this DIY cosmetic surgery attempt, the woman presented to the hospital emergency room complaining of a burning sensation in her face.  Though the woman died at the hospital, apparently the results of the bizarre act was not her biggest medical problem; according to the medical examiner, cause of death was an infection not related to the injections of hot beef fat.  What this woman attempted to do was nowhere close to what a board certified plastic surgeon would do to eliminate facial wrinkles.  There are many fantastic methods to address aging skin, such as dermal fillers containing collagen, Botox®, Dysport®, and even a facelift, but injecting foreign substances into one’s face is not among them.  Most people have enough sense to not attempt something like this, and consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has the requisite experience to address aging facial skin.

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