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Diy Mini Facelift!

Today we’ve got a little treat for you! Have a great Monday from The Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston and Dr. Michael Eisemann!

It’ll only take a few minutes and is a great way to relieve some stress and some people have even found doing this on a regular basis produces noticeable physical improvements on their facial features!

Step 1.
Tone your muscles in the eye by placing two fingers on each side of the head on your temples. Press gently with your fingers to close and open your eyes quickly. Repeat six times.

Step 2.
Exercising the muscles of the lips. Sit up straight and forward, keeping the teeth together and sealed their lips. as broad as possible, without opening his lips, hold for 10 counts and rest, start frowning as if giving a kiss smile. Hold for five counts, relax and repeat 10 times.

Step 3.
Exercising the muscles of your cheeks. Close your mouth and blowing air on the right cheek until it swells and then keep it there for 10 seconds, then move to the left cheek, hold for 10 seconds. Now move the air to your lower lip and keep a count of 10 and moved under his upper lip and hold for another 10 seconds. Repeat six times.

Step 4.
Exercising the muscles of the neck and throat. Lie on the bed (back is flat) and hang your head on the edge of the bed with his jaw slack. With the head still able to hang close mouth slowly. You will feel your neck muscles stretch. Open your mouth and repeat 10 times.

We hope you enjoyed that and want to wish you a great day from all of us here at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston!

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