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Does The Right Plastic Surgeon Really Matter?

You’re a savvy consumer, and you always do your research before making a major purchase. Plastic surgery is no different. In the course of your research into Houston-area plastic surgeons, you’ve surely found that the cosmetic surgery procedure you’re considering is quite safe and commonly performed.

The statistics are clear: plastic surgery is never now than it has ever been. As such, it’s easy to talk yourself into the proposition that the plastic surgeon himself isn’t that important. After all, if these procedures are really so common, why does experience matter?

In reality, your choice of plastic surgeon matters a great deal. The procedures we offer are commonly performed and quite safe, yes, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy or simple. These are still significant surgical procedures, and those all carry risks.

The reason plastic surgery is safer than ever is because plastic surgeons are better than ever. There’s a higher standard of professionalism expected from a plastic surgeon than ever before. Procedures are safe because they’re performed by specially trained doctors who can make them safe.

Dr. Michael Eisemann is a perfect example of this. A board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Eisemann is known throughout the country for his skill and ability. He understands the intricacies of every major procedure and knows how to keep you safe throughout your time in our care.

If you live in or around Houston, Texas and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you can trust,  please call The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center at 713-766-0071 or contact us online for a consultation. We also welcome out-of-town patients.

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