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Double Chin Workout As Alternative To Plastic Surgery?

Good Monday-morning Houston from the Cosmetic Surgery Center.
Today we’re going to take a look at how some exercises can take care of a double chin.

Facial gymnastics are a way to work out the muscles in your face and can reduce or remove the excess skin and fat causing a double chin.
But what if you don’t have a double chin? Well, you can expect a sharper more defined appearance, you’ll look younger too.

Facial gymnastics are a safe, easy method anyone can use to improve their looks.
You know how your body responds to workouts in terms of more toned better looking skin? Now apply that to your face and you’ve got the idea.
Except, the results are even quicker because the skin on your face are connected directly to muscles. There are different books and we at the cosmetic surgery center in Houston suggest you check out some different titles and read reviews to find a style that you feel the most comfortable with.
Your neck has a primary muscle called the platysma muscle which leads up your neck and extends to your chin and is what you use when you move your neck, mouth or lower jaw and this is the area you’ll focus on to get rid of a double chin.

The best part about facial exercises is you don’t have to get a gym membership or even break a sweat to put in a workout. You can do them while sitting in traffic, watching T.V. or anywhere you’ve got a few minutes and once you get into a routine it really is amazing how something so simple can provide such dramatic results.

Of course diet and other factors will play in as well as your personal body chemistry. This is not a generic fix all that will work for everyone. But, it has a surprising amount of success for a lot of people and is a good first step for anyone who has a double chin and considering plastic surgery. Even if you don’t achieve all of your desired results you’ll almost certainly make some progress that will reduce the amount of surgery needed which makes this a win-win for everyone. Speaking of which, I need go, it’s time for my facial workout routine!

Have a great week Houston, from Dr. Michael Eisemann and the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston!

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