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Dr. Eisemann Answers Common Question About Rhinoplasty And Chin Surgery

At the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston Texas with people undergoing surgery, we get questions about is it better handling two or more problematic areas all at once. Now, clearly, one should always take the opinion of their qualified physical and doctor based on their individual needs and unique situations. However in regards to these two services, we at Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center often tackle both Rhinoplasy in conjunction with Chin Augmentation. The two surgeries are often performed together because the areas are both so close to one another and by the fact that these are the two most pronounced features on the face which can be altered for vast facial improvements and to achieve an overall balance on the entire face. Contact Dr. Eisemann today about the possibility of you getting both of these cosmetic enhancements at once if you are considering them as alternatives you might like. After all, why wait when you can do both operations safely at once which then limits both your downtime and your surgery time to one time only?

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