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Dysmorphophobia In Houston Youth

Youthful aspirations to be beautiful are a natural part of the process of the individual development of a teenager.  However, when a teenager begins to ask for plastic surgery and does not have a medical issue affecting their quality of life, there may be more serious underlying emotional issues.  These risky ideas often mask more serious issues like body dysmorphic disorder.

Chronic mental illnesses such as these can give rise to a growing obsession of your appearance.  The individual focuses regularly on a real or imagined flaw that they perceive as a serious deformity.  Both nature and nurture are to blame for this disorder and this can take quite a bit of therapy to overcome.

Teenagers need to be aware that by changing their body with a breast implant, liposuction, or rhinoplasty, they aren’t going to change their mental condition.  Individuals with this mental issue will still have a problem obsessing over their body, and often find new “flaws” they want surgically treated.

Surgery is a process that only affects the individual’s body, not their genetic composition or what makes them who they are in spirit.  An alteration though plastic surgery won’t change these traits in their body or mind and they may still appear in their children when they grow up to raise their own family.  Nothing is truly eliminated by a plastic surgery.  Speak with your child if they are expressing unhealthy fascination with breast implants, mentioning liposuction when complaining about their weight, or suggesting a nose job if they don’t have sinus conditions.  They deserve to know they are beautiful for who they are not just how they look.

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