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Is The Dysport Challenge Right For You?

Call Dr. Eisemann today to find out about the Dypsort Challenge and see if it’s right for you. Thousands everywhere have tried this magnificent new form of Botox from Midicis.

They were so confident in their product that they issued a challenge to be featured at premiere Plastic Surgery centers like Dr. Eisemann of Houston’s Acclaimed Med Center.

Until September 30th, we have extended this challenge:

Dysport will rebate up to $150 dollars for two continuous cycles and even send you a rebate for the second time EVEN IF YOU DON’T USE THEIR PRODUCT!

That’s right. Call Dr. Eisemann today and take the Dysport Challenge.

Only 2.6% of the 100,000 registered person test group switched back to another product on their second visit!

Deadline is September 30th!

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