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Facelift of The Future

A study presented at the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, physicians from the University of Rochester working with colleagues from Stanford and Harvard discussed innovative approaches to facelift surgery. Aging comes with significant changes in bone structure, and this is noted most in the jawbone. The jawbone tends to lose definition, and this contributes to skin sagging and an older look. Researchers came to this conclusion after evaluating 120 CT scans that were not taken for the purposes of plastic surgery, and the scans were classified by gender and age. Results indicated that the angle of the jaw increases significantly as people get older, which attributes to less definition in the lower part of the face. Therefore, the facelift of the future may involve correcting underlying structure before addressing skin tightening. At The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston, Dr. Michael Eisemann stays on the cutting edge of plastic surgery practices and evaluates them for patient safety and efficacy. Over his 30+ years of practice, Dr. Eisemann has performed hundreds upon hundreds of facelifts with great patient satisfaction.


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