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Facial Fiction Becomes Factual Procedure

The 1997 John Woo film featuring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage centered around an idea which, at the time, was the type of crazy idea that you’d only see in strange action movies is the subject of today’s blog.

Now, 14 years later in Boston, Mass Dr. Bohdan Pomahac led a team of 30 doctors during a 15 hour procedure to perform the first full face transplant.

Dallas Wiens is a construction worker who is 25 years old. Dallas suffered an electrical accident three years ago which left him blind and without a nose, lips, or eyebrows. This incredible procedure even included replacing the nerves which provide sensation. While the team attempted to give Mr. Wiens back his sight they were unable to accomplish this daunting feat, at least for the time being.

Sponsored by the Department of Defense this surgery was the first step in what they hope will lead to the ability to offer full facial transplants for soldiers who have suffered extensive damage while serving our country.

The final note is that the end result is that the face will resemble a mix between the original person and the donors face.

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