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Fat Transfer Surgery Houston

The area under the eyes is a trouble spot for many men and women.  Some patients begin to lose tissue and shape by the mid-thirties.  One plastic surgery technique to puff up the area and smooth out wrinkles is fat transfer.  Fat is taken from other areas of the body, such as the abdomen using liposuction; the fat is then processed and injected under the eyes.  Some patients seeking aesthetic improvement to this area are requesting fat transfer over commercial injectables because they feel it is more natural to use tissue from their own bodies.  One of the biggest questions surrounding the fat transfer procedure is how long will results last?  Plastic Surgeons at the Albany Medical Center (NY) followed nearly 100 patients over a four-year period to track results one year and two-three years post surgery.  Researchers concluded that positive results from fat transfer last about three years, but less in elderly patients.

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