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Getting Rid of “man Boobs”

In Houston women are not the only patients seeking breast reduction.  Some men have overdeveloped or enlarged breasts, which impolite and/or immature people call “man boobs” or “moobs.”  This condition can bother a man, making him want to keep a shirt on at the gym or the pool.  In teenaged males, overdeveloped or enlarged breasts create critical self-esteem challenges.  Men, too, can have breast reduction, but the male’s procedure is called gynecomastia.  This procedure is designed to flatten and enhance male chest contours.  If the amount of tissue to remove is not excessive, a liposuction procedure can be used.  Otherwise, excision techniques are employed.  In Houston, Dr. Michael Eisemann of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center will listen to the concerns of male patients just as he would with female patients – with dignity and respect.  If you’re a man who doesn’t want to go another summer in Houston with enlarged breasts, contact Dr. Eisemann’s caring staff to set an appointment and learn about your options.

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