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Give Your Body Some Time

Greetings from Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston!


Today we’re going to talk about lifestyle and cosmetic surgery. There are quite a few surgeries that require you to maintain several prerequisites before you can achieve the results that you want from your decision to go with Dr. Eisemann for your plastic surgeon in Houston; however, we would like to take a little bit of time to remind you that there is a healing period that extends beyond the physical healing process of letting the incisions heal. The body takes time to adjust to new things — we all know this. In fact some experts have suggested that it can even take up six months for the human body to fully adjust to a radical change.


So if you maintain an active lifestyle, remember that even after your body has seemingly healed from the surgery, there is still an acclimation period that it is going through before it can perform physically intensive tasks that you may have before the procedure.  So work into it slowly, then once you start gaining confidence and a sufficient amount of time has gone by, you can get back to being 100%. Until then, take it easy, take it slow, and be smart.

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