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Gynecomastia Treatment In Younger Populations

Earlier this week The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center discussed gynecomastia in male body builders and treatment to reverse the condition. However, the population of men affected by gynecomastia, the development of female-like breast tissue, goes far beyond to include young males in puberty, older men and men who are overweight. Fortunately for young men, the vast majority of gynecomastia cases will self-resolve without medical or surgical intervention. For the approximate 20% of cases that do not self-resolve, Dr. Michael Eisemann is able to evaluate the patient and determine a course of treatment. Depending on the young man’s medical history, Dr. Eisemann may recommend a consult with an endocrinologist to make certain that there is not a hormonal component to the patient’s problem. Gynecomastia surgery for young males usually involves a removal of the breast tissue. In cases where obesity is also an issue, liposuction may also be employed. Young males have an advantage because their skin tends to shrink back into place once the excess tissue is removed. Gynecomastia tends to make men feel self-conscious and insecure, and this is especially true with adolescent males. While excess breast tissue may seem like a trivial problem to parents or peers, helping a young man to fit in with his peers can be life changing.

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