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Hair Transplantation In Houston

Male pattern baldness, receding hairlines and thinning hair are problems that affect many men. Over the years numerous kinds of shampoos and solutions (some containing cayenne pepper) have been marketed to treat thinning hair and baldness. Unfortunately, none have shown dramatic results. Though there is no “cure” for these conditions as of yet, there are effective treatments that can restore the hair and revise the hairline to its more youthful appearance. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center offers hair transplantation and hair replacement procedures for its male patients, and these have proven to be quite successful for male pattern baldness. The patient provides his own hair for hair transplantation and replacement from donor sites on his body. These donor sites are generally the back of the head and/or the side of the head where hair growth is usually denser. Therefore, a good candidate for hair transplantation is a patient with dense hair growth on the sides and back of his head. For more information on how Dr. Eisemann can help you with male pattern baldness and hair transplantation, contact his office for a consultation.

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