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Happy Holidays From Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center!

The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston would like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and a happy 2011 to come!
For today’s blog I wanted to write a little something different.
It’s about the importance of keeping in mind that cosmetic surgery is a very powerful tool for helping you look your best. But, it can be easy to think about what we want to improve that we forget or lose sight of what we have. So, my advice is that before you keep thinking about what you need to change, stop and think about what you like about yourself. If you have trouble coming up with things, ask some of the people close to you what they like about you. And listen closely.
Feeling good about you starts from within. And that means appreciating all the good things you have before looking at what you feel you should change or improve.
So, that’s it friends!
Plastic surgery isn’t about self-acceptance. It’s about self-improvement. Once you accept something you can then work on improving it. And part of that may include having a procedure done which Dr. Michael Eisemann, best plastic surgeon in Houston and rated Houston’s Top Doc many times over!  For this new 2011 year our suggestion is that you start with making yourself and those around you feel good about who you are through encouragement and sincere complements, remember no matter how good you look on the outside it’s the inside that truly counts…  

Happy Holidays!!

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