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Healthy Body Image For Teenagers

Individuals expressing their desire for cosmetic and plastic surgery seem to be getting younger and younger.  Perhaps it is the age in which we live, where we are bombarded by sensory image and sound that can have profound effect on our perceptions of our own bodies.  Younger individuals are expressing themselves more and more with tattoos and body alterations.  It is healthy to be individual and define ourselves as who we are and what we want for ourselves in the future.

However, younger individuals need to take a much harder look at themselves before turning to plastic surgery for solutions.  We won’t treat just any whim of a person no matter how young to resolve issues that may be more personal or emotional.  Cosmetic Surgery has its purpose in medical study and its development over the years have been founded on the same principles that hold true to our medical standards guided by Hippocratic Oath.

If a young individual is diagnosed with an issue that interferes with their health and enjoyment of life to an extent deemed worthy for operation, then a voluntary surgery may be performed.  Plastic surgery treats real issues.  Liposuction may be used to offset secondary medical issues like diabetes.  Inhibited breathing may be alleviated with the surgical procedure of rhinoplasty, and so on.

The potential for physical development through diet exercise and natural growth is simply too great to resort to surgery at too formative of a phase in a young woman or man’s life.  If a youth is interested and does not have an issue threatening the quality of their life, we recommend the individual wait and possibly seek help.

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