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A Healthy Mental State

One of the most important elements of a sound candidate for plastic surgery in Houston (or anywhere else) is sound mental health. Dr. Michael Eisemann looks out for his patients’ long-term best interests, and that means ensuring patients are approaching plastic surgery in a healthy state of mind.

The procedures we offer are proven and come with impressive safety records, but plastic surgery can be physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. A procedure such as a breast augmentation or tummy tuck is significant surgery and will effect a significant change in your body.

A “healthy mental state,” in this case, means possessing a clear understanding of the plastic surgery process and what to expect after the procedure, as well as fundamentally sound reasons for considering a procedure.

The recovery process for these procedures, while quite well-understood for the population as a whole, can still be something of an up-and-down process for many individual patients. Dr. Eisemann and his staff will always be available to you during your recovery, but the process will be much easier to handle if you come to it with the proper mindset.

Realistic expectations are also important if you are considering plastic surgery in Houston. While our procedures are effective, it’s unrealistic to expect them to make you look exactly like a favorite celebrity. And it’s a bad idea to use plastic surgery as a way of avoiding more serious underlying issues.

Dr. Eisemann has helped thousands of patients achieve their aesthetic ideals. He’ll be honest with you about the wisdom of plastic surgery, as he has with everyone who has walked through his office door.

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