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Hollywood Inspirations For Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons across the country report their patients time and again seek plastic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin jobs, and lip enhancement to make them look more like various Hollywood celebrities.  Sometimes the patients request a certain body part like the lips, noses, chins, or buttocks.  According to Los Angeles plastic surgeons, the most requested celebrity looks are those from Scarlett Johanson, Johnny Depp, Angelina Joliet, Jude Law, and George Clooney.   Houston plastic surgeon, Michael Eisemann, M.D. suggests that while being inspired by Angelia Joliet’s lips or Jude Law’s cleft chin is nice, the patient must have realistic expectations.  This is not the movie Face Off where we simply replace the patient’s face with a new one belonging to someone else.  The face has its own balance and symmetry, and while Angelina’s lips are beautiful on her, they may not be as stunning on someone else.  While Dr. Eisemann wants patients to bring in photos to help illustrate their aesthetic goals, he wants them to remember that great plastic surgery is not about looking like someone else – it’s about enhancing the patient’s own beauty.   Dr. Eisemann is triple board certified plastic surgeon and has performed hundreds of plastic surgery procedures for highly satisfied patients.  For more information on how Dr. Eisemann can bring out your true beauty, contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today for an appointment.

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