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Professionals can make anything look easy, but that’s part of their skills and training. This is true of professional athletes, actors and even physicians. Though the highest form of compliment is imitation, this is not necessarily so for unlicensed (and most of the time unsupervised) people injecting Botox. To properly treat patients with Botox requires an elegant understanding of all muscles in the face as well as an understanding of the patient’s individual facial anatomy. Depending on what muscle group(s) the patient is looking to treat, the individual strength of those muscles, and the gender of the patient dictate the units and exact placement of Botox injections. This varies a great deal from patient to patient.  This is why it is safest and best to seek Botox treatment from a licensed medical professional. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is intimately familiar with the characteristics of Botox and makes it a point to know their patients’ aesthetic aspirations and characteristics before a needle ever touches the skin.

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