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Houston Facelift Surgery: Fix-it Or Prevention?

When Houston’s plastic surgeon, Michael Eisemann, M.D., discusses facelift surgery, most people think of either male or female patients in his/her 50’s or 60’s who want to recapture their youth. While these characteristics may be typical of some patients, they certainly don’t apply to all. Not all patients want to look as young as possible; in fact, some feel that they look their best at 30 or 40 years of age. It is this group of patients who may want to freeze-frame what they consider to be their best look by performing a preventive maintenance facelift to stop the hands of time from moving any farther forward in the aging process. By using early intervention facelifts, physicians are acting on the premise that aging occurs in a continuum and that younger patients have similar problems to their older counterparts, only less severe. This means that the actual treatment is very similar but performed to suit the needs of the less-aged patient.

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