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Houston Hair Transplantation

At the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center, we do more than liposuction and brow lifts for our male patients.  We also offer hair transplantation and restoration.  Hair loss and baldness affects everyone differently, but there are some men who actually lose their self-confidence about their appearance as well as bow out from activities they enjoy such as swimming or sports.  Hair loss and baldness can create other problem as well, such as greater exposure of skin on the head to harmful UV rays from the sun thereby leading to an increased risk of skin cancer.  In the winter months, men with significant hair loss or baldness lose a significant amount of heat from the exposed head.  Hair does more for us than give us a certain style or look.  It also serves useful, protective functions for us.  Many men try a toupee before seeking more aggressive measures.  However, the toupee, no matter how well made it is, is foolproof.  In fact, some look so poorly that it would be better and more authentic to simply be bald.  Though no one has invented a “cure” for baldness as of yet, there are procedures that can help restore your hair to a more normal appearance. One such technique is called Live Skin Replica (LSR).  This is a very thin pseudo-membrane that is like a second skin.  LSR is nearly undetectable to the human touch.  The base of this membrane is attached to the scalp without any evidence of ridges, bumps or the worry that it will come loose in water or a rainstorm.  Besides LSR, there are other procedures designed to help men who wish to return to their more youthful, natural appearance.  For more information, contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center.

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