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Lip Augmentation

When we discuss plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures such as a facelift, we generally think of lifting the forehead, removing excess skin from under and above the eyes, or lifting the eyebrows.  However, the lips are a very important feature making up the beauty of our faces.  Appearance of the lips is a large concern for women who want to have full or even pouty lips.  With age, the volume in the lips decreases, making them appear smaller and flatter.  One method for making the lips appear fuller and more prominent on the face is to use an injectable such as Restylane or Juvederm, one’s own fat cells, or even collagen injections.  Other alternatives included small, implantable devices made from materials such as Gore-Tex®.  Dr. Michael Eisemann of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston, Texas has extensive experience in enhancing the lips to compliment the face.  For more information on options to enhance the lips, stay tuned for more posts about the latest news in lip augmentation.

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