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Houston Mommy Makeover Phenomenon

If a patient were to search medical literature for the terms “mommy makeover” she would likely yield no results; however the same search terms on the Internet or social media would yield millions of citations. The mommy makeover is a plastic surgery concept that involves several combined procedures such as breast augmentation, breast mastopexy, abdominoplasty and liposuction. These procedures allow middle-aged mothers who have finished their child bearing to recoup their bodies by addressing post-pregnancy and breast feeding challenges like sagging breasts, loose stomach tissue, and fat deposits on the waist and hips. Ten or more years ago such a grouping of surgical techniques would likely be performed in several stages, which required multiple surgeries. With improvements in medical technology over the last decade, most mommy makeover procedures (depending upon patient health) can be performed in one or two operations. Dr. Michael Eisemann of The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center has tremendous experience in helping patients recover their pre-pregnancy and motherhood bodies in both a safe and effective manner. Dr. Eisemann believes that patients are unique, and based on their goals and medical histories, he prepares the best procedural strategy to meet those aesthetic goals.

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