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Houston Plastic Surgery Payment Options

Though plastic surgery has been thought of as exterior decorating for the rich and famous, this notion is outdated.  According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of plastic surgery procedures across the country and across nearly every socio-economic groups increased dramatically over the past five years, and continues to increase despite the economic realities beginning in 2008 that carry forward through today.  Breast augmentation surgery is still the most frequently requested surgery.  Part of the increase in plastic surgery procedures may be attributable to the patient’s availability to credit cards and 3rd party financing through companies such as Care Credit.  However, before putting down your credit card or signing a 3rd party contract, consider interest rates very carefully.  It may make more sense to pay cash for plastic surgery rather than use credit.  Considering that CD’s, money markets, and savings accounts barely pay ½% interest.  Since cash is not working for you by generating interest revenue, make it work for you by investing in yourself this holiday season.

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