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Houston Rhinoplasty Procedures

If you’ve ever wondered how a rhinoplasty (a/k/a nose job) is performed, you’re not alone. Michael Eisemann, M.D., one of Houston’s most respected and knowledgeable plastic surgeons, is an expert in rhinoplasty having performed hundreds upon hundreds of such procedures to the satisfaction and delight of his patients. The upper part of the nose is rigid and made of bone. When a patient has a hump on the nose, this bone is usually sanded down. The lower portion of the nose is made from cartilage, and this is precisely shaved to give the nose the desired contours and profile. Bone in the nose is carefully and methodically broken at the base so bones can be shifted, narrowing the upper half of the nose. After lower cartilage is sculpted, permanent sutures are used to support and define the tip of the nose.  To see some of Dr. Eisemann’s before and after patient photos, please visit the rhinoplasty gallery

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