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Houston Summertime Plastic Surgery Trends

Many Houston plastic surgeons like Dr. Michael Eisemann notice a significant uptick in liposuction and breast augmentation during the summer months.  The reasons are very simple:  it’s pool party season, and it’s so hot outside that most of us want to wear as little clothing as possible to tolerate the weather – especially on weekends.  Before putting on shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits, most people, are a little nervous about how they will look.  This is true even of Dr. Eisemann’s patients who regularly exercise and eat a balanced diet.  Once some of us hit middle age, it gets harder and harder to lose the stubborn fat.  Liposuction is a great option to get rid of the fat we cannot remove by exercise and diet alone.  Most women have issues with the hips and thighs, while men typically complain about the mid-section.  Whatever your problem area(s), liposuction remains the gold standard for getting rid of fat.  Along with the tank and bikini tops, come concerns about breast size for some women.  Breast augmentation offers women who are not happy with the size of their breasts a solution.  Dr. Michael Eisemann is a premier plastic surgeon in Houston who has performed numerous liposuction and breast augmentation procedures.  Dr. Eisemann and his medical staff work closely with each patient to understand their aesthetic goals and advise on how best to achieve them.  For more information on getting your body summer ready, contact Dr. Eisemann’s office today.

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