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How Is Breast Implant Size Determined?

Michael Eisemann, M.D., one of Houston’s most well respected breast augmentation surgeons is frequently asked by patients how to go about choosing a size for breast implants when the patient has decided to move forward with breast augmentation surgery. Though each plastic surgeon is unique in his/her practice, there are parameters for making this very important choice. During the consultation, the patient’s breast tissue is evaluated and measured. Further the patient’s goals and expectations following surgery are discussed in detail. Any unrealistic expectations are discussed with the patient and explained. From there, Dr. Eisemann relies on his 30 years of expertise to make a range of recommendations for the patient. Generally the patient is given the opportunity to use what are called sizers to get an idea of how her breasts will look using a certain size implant. While the patient has considerable say in what size implants to use, Dr. Eisemann will definitely voice his professional opinion about what is in the patient’s best interest both medically and aesthetically.

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