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How Will We Decide On Breast Implant Placement?

At The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center, we believe in a decision-making process that takes your priorities into account. When deciding how we will place your breast implants, our Houston plastic surgeon will engage in a conversation with you about your goals and concerns.

The ability to customize your breast augmentation is one of the great appeals of the procedure. Breast implant placement is one of the big decisions you and Dr. Michael Eisemann will have to make.

You generally have two options:

  • Sub-muscular, which places the breast implant under the pectoral muscle. This provides a more natural look and a firmer base of support. However, this placement does require a lengthier recovery time.
  • Sub-glandular, which places the breast implant over the muscle. This placement shortens recovery time, provides more sharply defined cleavage and allows for larger implants. However, the implant will be more visible and prone to capsular contracture.

There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to both options, which is why it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon who carefully listens to your concerns and priorities. The placement of your breast implants will be based on your body type, your implant type and your goals.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area and you want to talk to us about your breast implant options, please contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today for a consultation. We also help patients from across the country who are seeking the best possible plastic surgery experience.

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