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I Feel Bad About My Neck And Other Things

If you’re a Nora Ephron fan, you’ve no doubt experienced some good belly laughs after reading her book short essays titled I Feel Bad About My Neck, and those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of reading these essays should go to the bookstore or download it immediately. Ms. Ephron puts things indelicately when she tells the reader that our faces lie about our age, but the neck tells it like it is. The face supposedly lies because we can put on makeup, color our hair, get Botox, collagen or other dermal fillers, but short of plastic surgery there is nothing to be done about the neck, except wear scarves, turtlenecks, or mandarin collared clothing. The neck tells the unmitigated truth about our age according to this pithy essay. The essay suggests that the neck starts to “lose it” by the age of 43, but this is highly dependent on the individual’s lifestyle (diet and habits) and genes. Some people are just blessed with lots of collagen and elastin, while others of us need help. In all seriousness, some of the specific complaints from patients we receive at The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center include: turkey neck; chicken neck; creased necks; saggy necks; flabby necks; fat necks, and the like. Dr. Eisemann is a highly respected and experienced Houston plastic surgeon that has performed hundreds of procedures to restore patients’ necks a more youthful appearance. Ms. Ephron was right that the neck tells the truth, but guess what else does? Our hands! So moisturize with a product that contains sunscreen because even driving to and from work exposes your hands to UV light causing premature aging.

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