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Illegal Plastic Surgery Leaves Woman Dead

When stories about the Las Vegas woman who died after plastic surgery in a make-shift clinic hit the wire, it sent a shock wave not only through the public, but most especially through The American Board of Plastic Surgeons.  Physicians such as Houston’s Dr. Michael Eisemann, are horrified by the outcomes when people seek plastic surgery from individuals who are not licensed to practice medicine, as was the case in with the Las Vegas woman seeking buttocks implants.  The recently released autopsy report indicated the women died from a reaction to the local anesthesia.  The report did not specify whether the anesthesia was incorrectly administered or if there was an allergic reaction.  Sadly, this death was avoidable.  When a patient consults a board certified plastic surgeon, he/she undergoes a thorough history and physician examination with the physician, where drug allergies and other medical conditions are revealed.  Additionally, when the patient seeks plastic surgery from an accredited plastic surgery center or hospital, he/she will be attended to by a trained anesthesiologist.  While the current economic climate has left many prospective patients without discretionary income for plastic surgery, the answer is not to seek treatment from unlicensed individuals or medical spas, but to wait until the patient can afford the procedure, or until he/she can get financing, and obtain services from a board certified plastic surgeon.  Dr. Michael Eisemann is a triple board certified plastic surgeon with an impeccable professional record.  If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, such as Michael Eisemann, M.D.

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