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Is It Possible To Combine a Breast Lift And Breast Augmentation?

Choosing between breast augmentation and breast lift is a decision many Houston-area women are faced with when they visit Dr. Michael Eisemann. Finding the right procedure is crucial. However, some women are best served by combining the two procedures.

A breast lift is usually appropriate when your primary goal is to address significant breast sagging. If you’re satisfied with the size of your breasts, no implants are needed.

However, if you’re hoping to simultaneously achieve a significant lift and enlarge your breasts, combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation might be the right decision. Doing so will help you meet both goals and leave you with higher, larger, more attractive breasts.

Dr. Eisemann will help you decide if this path is the right one for you. This process will include asking relevant questions about your goals and concerns, as well as physically examining you to ensure that your goals can best be met with a combined lift-augmentation.

We are committed to providing you with safe, effective plastic surgery solutions. Combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation is one of those solutions.

If you live in Houston, Texas or anywhere else in the world and you’re considering a breast lift, please contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today for a consultation.

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