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It’s All About Balance

Hello from Dr. Michael Eisemann!

Many leading psychologists in the field today have offered many people a cautious word or two when it comes to cosmetic surgery. This has lent itself to the concept that cosmetic surgery is a rogue method of trying to achieve the unattainable. “Unnecessary Surgery” as it is often called.. The truth is because of varying body chemistry and other factors such as differing genetic makeups, some people cannot attain the type of results that they are seeking. However, it’s also important that surgery is not used as a substitute for natural methods, but rather to compliment them. A balance with a healthy diet and regular exercise are important to establish a lifestyle that is congruent with the type of body your seeking. If after having established a routine you are not achieving your overall goal, then plastic surgery is a helping hand to get you there. It’s not about attaining perfection, it’s about defining your beauty.

From all of us here at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston we hope you have a great day!

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