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“jessica Rabbit” In Real Life

Annette Edwards is a great-grandmother who loves Rabbits. And when I say loves, I really mean loves. She has been such a big fan of the character Jessica interestingjessicarabbit-wedRabbit she had plastic surgery to become her! Among other things, Annette Edwards is the proud owner of the world’s biggest bunny who weights 50 pounds and measures 4 feet, 3 inches.

Back to the surgery, Edwards spent a reported $15,000 to turn herself into a real life version of the fictional character from the 1998 film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”. In an interview Annette said: “My  love of rabbits made me decide to go for the operations and make the big change. Since I had it done I have had loads of compliments and I love the way I look now.” -She had a number of different procedures including a breast uplift, brow lift, chin implants and botox injections and yet for her body Annette avoided liposuction by implementing a strict diet and ate a bit like a rabbit having mostly only salads!

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer commented about the procedure saying, “Annette Edwards seems to have done a nice job in her transformation.  I never encourage patients to try and look like someone else and try to help them have realistic expectations, however her pictures look nice.  She may regret such large implants in the future. Annette said that at first her family was shocked but in the end have been very supportive.”

From Dr. Eisemann and the friendly staff here at Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston we’d like to wish you a great Wednesday.

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