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Joan Rivers is ‘a Piece of Work.’

A documentary titled, ‘Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.’ was released last year covering the aspect of being an actress, comedian and writer.
Despite the name, it has very little to do with plastic surgery. Her vibrant personality and tireless efforts to stay in the spot light set her apart and speak to a determination that truly is inspirational.

As a comedian she is as politically taboo as they come, but despite her edgy personality she has a reputation of being extremely very sweet and caring, as evidenced by the fact that she delivers meals to disabled individuals on holidays, and has made it a point to be pro-active and set an example that caring for others is something we all should do.

Back to her appearance, she has admitted to having plastic surgery and was quoted saying, “I have done what everyone does in California… Goldie Hawn has a totally different face from when she started… I believe in plastic surgery,.. Anyone out there who thinks they don’t like their nose? Do something about it! You go through life once. Fix your teeth.” It’s pretty much a given that botox has been used quite a lot over the years. And yet there is a lot more when you look at the still stunning celebrity who’s been in the business over 40 years. Hard work and a never-quit attitude are evident by her incredible demeanor and shown in her spirit that has a beautiful grace, and perhaps is part of why she’s still going strong and in the spot light after all these years.

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