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Johnny Drama Seeks Calf Implants From Dr. Eisemann?

Acclaimed Entourage Star “Johnny Drama” brings life into a well known Plastic Surgery Procedure called Calf Implants.
You might ask – Why would anyone out there want to surgically improve this area of their body?
Millions certainly did ask when Johnny Drama wanted them on Entourage!
Well, in men it is often for want of greater bulk and muscular tone, in women, it is also very crucial in the actual overall contour of the personal eye upon the legs in proportion to the body as a whole – So women, who show calves almost everyday, feel that this cosmetic procedure can really enhance the shapeliness and voluptuousness of their legs. Dr. Eisemann is located in Houston’s Medical Center.

Call today and get a consultation on Calve Implants. See how this simple procedure could change the way you and others look at your legs. Dr. Michael Eisemann is triple board certified in the State of Texas and has been considered for over 30 years one of Houston’s Premier Plastic Surgeon who specialize and practice both the art balanced with the aesthetic in today’s world of  Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

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