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Kesha Needs Butt Augmentation From Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center

These days, being a pop star is more about marketing and looks then talent and singing. Just ask Kesha, who is being hounded now as needing butt augmentation surgery after recent photos surfaced of her on a beach in a bikini. Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston feels for these celebrities and oddly enough realizes that stars in the “limelight” are going to be tabloid headlines whether they get plastic surgery or not, apparently, for not getting it where the public eye deems they need it! Now, granted, you do need to shake a booty that makes people worldwide buy your records, and this simple procedure certainly can help you do so. Now, you may not become a pop star but you certainly can continue looking like one at the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center.  In fact, many women these days are turning to butt augmentation to increase the shape and overall physique of that ever so important “behind” region. At Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston’s Premier Medical Center, we take pride in enabling women to enhance these problematic areas that even vigorous workout and extreme dieting sometimes fail to lend a helping hand. Dr. Michael Eisemann has been a thirty year staple in the hearts of many Houstonian women whom he and his trained staff have worked on to enable them to become the women they want to see when they look into that mirror. So, if you are unhappy with the way your posterior is looking these days, contact Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center to see if a Butt Augmentation is right for you.

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