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Kim Kardashian: How Real is Her Junk In The Trunk?

kimkbooty1ca1The latest Hollywood cat fight involves Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.  Apparently, the two “ladies” were in a tussle over Kim’s butt.  As always, the rumor mill started, and the big question was whether Kim’s assets were natural or the result of buttock augmentation.  To quell the stir, Kim had an X-ray of her back side, which she claims proves she’s never had buttock implants.  While that may be true, it’s not the last word on whether Ms. Kardashian has had help from plastic surgeons.  While buttock implants are one method for enhancing the buttocks, it is not the only option.  Fat transfer and grafting is another method to augment ones buttocks without a silicone buttock implant.  So, it’s possible Kim did have some help with her curves.  You might say “Who cares!”, and we’d tend to agree.  The important thing is being healthy and feeling confident about your body.  So, if you’re in the market to put maximize your rear assets, then Houston plastic surgeon Michael Eisemann, M.D., can help.  Dr. Eisemann is a triple board certified physician who has over 20 years experience with plastic surgery techniques.  For more information on buttock augmentation, contact Dr. Eisemann’s office today.

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