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Liposuction Can Help Your Bariatric Surgery

For many with a bariatric or orthopedic injury, weight gain and loss are bound to become a common issue.  When the back, hip,  or knee is injured the mobility of the individual is dramatically increased.  Imagine being healthy enough to work off the energy you consume only to suddenly have that mobility taken away.  Weight gain is a natural tendency.  When the weight comes off after a doctor restores your mobility, patients often are shocked at the amount of excess skin on their body.

That is where our services at Eisemann Plastic Surgery can turn back the clock and restore your body to its original condition before the injury.  It is called a Body Lift, sometimes coupled with a Liposuction Surgery.  By combining lifts on various parts of the body and using liposuction to remove fat deposits, the excess in skin can be removed and the shape of your body can be restored.  Fat deposits can be stubborn and need some prodding to be fully exacuated from underneath the skin and liposuction does just that, is relatively simple, and quick to recover from.  Call to schedule an appointment today if you have recently undergone a bariatric or orthopedic surgery and have experience rapid weight gain.  It might be just what you need to improve your confidence and the healing success of your knee or back.

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