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Liposuction: Choosing The Right Houston Plastic Surgeon

There are times when getting down to your ideal weight doesn’t fully eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, and you may want to consider liposuction. Houston residents who are considering having this type of procedure performed should make sure that they find a doctor they feel comfortable with. The physician and his or her staff should be able to explain how the procedure works, the risks associated with having it performed and what to expect during the recovery process.  Male and female patients can benefit from having liposuction surgery performed. For women, the areas of concern leading to surgery include the waist, hips and thighs. Other areas where liposuction is commonly performed include the breasts and abdomen. Men also seek liposuction treatment, usually to deal with pockets of fat under the chin or the issue of enlarged male breasts, called gynecomastia.  When meeting with a doctor to discuss liposuction in Houston, a patient should ask about his or her experience in performing the procedure. Dr. Eisemann has been a practicing physician for more than three decades and can share information about the number of procedures he has been involved in and patient outcomes.  Another important consideration when choosing a doctor for a liposuction procedure is where the surgery will be performed. While some liposuction procedures can be performed in the doctor’s surgical suite, a patient who is looking to lose a significant amount of body fat should be treated in a hospital. A good physician will explain why one location is preferred over another for a particular patient’s needs. An experienced surgeon will also be able to explain what a patient can expect to experience following the procedure, including how much discomfort is normal and whether medications will be given. Patients will also want to know whether they will have bandages or dressings and how often they will need to be changed. The doctor should also address when the patient can expect to return to normal activities and what type of follow up care he or she will need. A patient who is looking for liposuction in Houston will also want to discuss his or her expectations with the doctor. As an experienced medical specialist, Dr. Michael Eisemann can confirm that a patient’s expectations for the procedure are realistic. Having the procedure done is a way to shed fat in specific areas of the body but it is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. To find out more about liposuction in Houston, contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule your personal consultation. Dr. Michael Eisemann takes the time to discuss options and answer his patients’ questions carefully to make sure they feel comfortable about having the procedure performed.

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