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Liposuction: Have Realistic Expectations

A major component to having a positive experience after liposuction is to start out having realistic expectations.  That is why it’s so important to communicate with your cosmetic surgeon and clearly state what you expect from the procedure.  A good cosmetic surgeon, such as Houston’s Michael Eisemann, will tell you if your expectations are realistic.  For example, liposuction is definitely not a replacement for living a healthy lifestyle.  Patients who do not exercise and/or who do not eat a balanced diet will not have good results.  Even after liposuction removes stubborn fat cells, new ones can be “born” from being sedentary and eating poorly.  Also, the overall condition of the patient’s skin is important because it must shrink down to reveal the newly sculpted body.  If the skin does not rebound, then an additional procedure to remove excess skin such as a tummy tuck or central body lift might be necessary.

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