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Liposuction In Houston–not Just For The Rich

Plastic surgery and Liposuction was an exclusive & expensive service that only  the rich and famous like Hollywood stars or Wall Street bankers could afford?   Well times have changed and so has the client base seeking a cosmetic surgeon in Houston.

With advancements in technique and technology, cosmetic procedures are producing more effective, safer procedures without sacrificing the quality and knowledge of a proven cosmetic surgeon.   Surgeries once thought as complicated just a decade ago are more common and much less involved.   Patients are also finding a growing range of available options in financing cosmetic surgery.  What once was considered extravagance has actually become completely acceptable and an increasingly popular option for the average person.

For plastic surgeons in Texas, Dr. Eisemann’s plastic surgery center in Houston, TX, is a perfect example.  Houston may be known for its financial and oil executives, but now we see a wider range of individuals seeking enhancement surgeries and other reconstructive cosmetics.  Just in taking a look at our waiting room, you’ll find suburban mothers sharing discussions along-side collegiate coeds & an increasing number of men wanting to look and feel their best.  At Eisemann, we treat everybody like a power player.

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