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Liposuction Recovery

We understand that when you’re considering liposuction, one of your concerns is how much work you’ll miss and how long you’ll be “out of commission.” Fortunately, Houston-area residents who undergo liposuction have a very brief recovery period to anticipate.

In general, most patients return to work within a couple of days of their liposuction procedure. Your precise timeline will be determined by a number of the liposuction options you have, including:

  • Amount of fat removed
  • Treatment area
  • Type of liposuction (ultrasonic liposuction often reduces recovery time)

Of course, work is not the full extent of your life, and we understand that. You’ll usually have to wear a compression garment for a week or so after undergoing liposuction, so a full, rigorous workout is definitely not advisable. However, some light walks after your procedure will stimulate blood flow and healing.

Most patients are able to resume something like their full, normal routine around two weeks after their liposuction procedure. Dr. Eisemann will provide you with a more detailed timeline before you undergo a procedure.

Further, you will return to our office for follow-up appointments at specific times after your procedure. Dr. Eisemann will check on your progress and advise you on how best to proceed from that point.

If you live in or around Houston, Texas and you’re looking for liposuction from a triple-board certified plastic surgeon, please contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center for a consultation. We also welcome out-of-town patients. 

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