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Make The Best Choice For Laser Facial Rejuvenation.

In my last post we covered the basics of laser facial rejuvenation and how a laser actually works. 
Today we’ll cover the general types of lasers and what they can do for you and your skin. In my last blog we discussed Ablative and Non-Ablative Lasers. Here is some more information of how they work and their Positives and Negatives. These are the facts to know!

1. Ablative Lasers – The oldest types of facial lasers include the CO2 and erbium lasers.  These were widely used in the late 90′s and early 2000′s and, although still being used in many practices, have been gradually replaced by the “Fractionated lasers”.  The traditional Ablative Lasers function is to literally burn all the skin off the face, working from the top down. With this technique the skin is completely exfoliated, removing most blemishes and fine lines, in addition to heating the deeper layers of the skin, this result leads into long-term tightening of the skin. NEGATIVE: These treatments are painful and have a longer recovery time. Also they have a potential for color changes to the skin. POSITIVE: The results from these treatments are, however, the gold standard for laser facial rejuvenation. They are tested and work and give great results.

2. Non-Ablative Lasers – The intense recovery and potential for complications with the above ablative lasers caused many plastic surgeons in Houston and through out to search for alternative techniques to tighten the skin without sometimes long, pain recoveries with a need for downtime.  Non-Ablative lasers accomplish a lot of the same results by focusing on heating up the deeper layers of the skin while leaving the surface skin untouched. POSITIVE: These treatments, which include the Cynosure Laser Facial have no downtime, are quick and relatively painless. They are often preferred by those who suffer from Rosacea as it leaves the first layer skin untouched. NEGITIVE: Because the top layer skin is untouched, unfortunately they also don’t create any significant exfoliation to the skin, leaving you with limited effects on surface blemishes or deeper wrinkles and/or scars.  In addition, they require multiple treatments to even come close to providing the effects found from ablative laser treatments.


In our next blog we are going to talk about Fraxil Lasers. What are they? How are they different? Is it a better solution for you? Dr. Eisemann is a leading expert in Laser Skin Resurfacing in Houston. For more information or to schedule an apt for a consultation call us today!

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