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Male Bodybuilders & Gynecomastia

Because some bodybuilders take anabolic steroids as part of their training regimen, there is a risk of developing gynecomastia (enlarged, female-like breast tissue). This happens when steroids break down forming the female hormone, estradiol. If the patient’s primary physician catches the enlarging breast tissue early enough, then the physician may be able to reverse it by administering certain pharmaceuticals. However, Dr. Michael Eisemann, a Houston plastic surgeon, sees patients who either did not address their gynecomastia soon enough (or at all), or where pharmaceutical intervention failed. When plastic surgeons aim to eliminate or improve gynecomastia, there are generally two tools: liposuction, and direct excision of tissue. For bodybuilders, the treatment approach generally involves the latter – direct tissue excision. Dr. Eisemann and his staff stress to bodybuilder patients the importance of following post-operative instructions, because the instinct for these patients is to return to the gym and begin workouts almost immediately. Working out before being cleared by Dr. Eisemann usually leads to bleeding around the incision site(s), and if enough blood or fluid collects, then the patient requires a needle aspiration to solve the problem. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center realizes that men are often hesitant to seek the assistance of a plastic or aesthetic surgeon because they feel this field of medicine is reserved for women only. Because of this misconception, our professionals strive to make male patients feel welcome and at home at our office and surgical facility. For information on treatment of gynecomastia, feel free to contact our office for a medical consultation.

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