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Male Pattern Baldness And Hair Restoration – Part 1

In the United States, medical statistics indicate that roughly 35 million men are affected by androgenetic alopecia, which is the medical term for male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is caused by both chemical and genetic components. If a man has the presence of both the gene for baldness and the presence of androgens, mail pattern baldness will occur, but the unknown variable is precisely when male pattern baldness will begin to occur. The levels of androgens need not vary from what is considered “normal” for the balding to begin. It’s possible for hair loss to begin at any point following puberty when androgens are increasing, and the first area where the hairline recedes is around the temporal areas. Another unknown is what pattern the hair loss will follow once it begins. The general patterns are illustrated in the Norwood-Hamilton Scale of Male Pattern Baldness. Male pattern baldness is an aesthetic issue that causes men to spend large sums of money to counteract, whether through topical treatments or toupees. Historically, not all approaches have been efficacious for patients. What may surprise men seeking a solution is that plastic and aesthetic surgeons are on the frontline for treating and minimizing male pattern baldness. In Houston, Michael Eisemann, M.D. of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center actively and successful works with male patients to either slow or stop the progression of hair loss, as well as to improve hair growth. Over the next several days, Dr. Eisemann’s blog will discuss various techniques to counteract this problem so many men experience.

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