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Multi-stage Breast Mastectomy

Often times, as cosmetic surgeons, we are asked if the “one stage” breast reconstruction is possible—in other words, whether a finished reconstruction can be completed in a single surgery.  We understand the breast cancer survivor’s reluctance to undergo yet another multi-stage operation after the undoubted familiarity with the risks associated with the critical operating room.  We applaud their courageous encounter with the disease.

It’s important to fully inform breast cancer champions that the reconstruction of their breast may possibly be done with one stage mastectomy, however several issues combine to work against the patient for higher quality results.

Breast reconstructive surgery typically involves temporary placement of a device known as a tissue expander during the surgical removal of tissue prior to the insertion of the permanent saline or silicone enhancement device.  A tissue expander optimizes the shape of the lower breast and improves the inframammary position (the lower fold of tissue, where the breast contacts the upper abdomen).  The device is firm and rigid in comparison to the final implant enhancement that completes the procedure.  By expanding the skin throughout procedures, the devices allows 100% of their naturally present skin to be preserved in the process and additionally, the periodic introduction of fluid in the treatment area.  Overall ,the results see marked improvements in the breast’s resistance to shrinkage post surgery.  This fact is a notable advantage in any mastectomy.

Ultimately, the assessment by Dr. Eisemann based on your individual needs and your input and goals given shared in the consultation will be the foundation for a planned approach to your breast reconstruction.  With your health in mind, Dr. Eisemann will return your body to the physical state you once knew prior to your battle.  You deserve the best.

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