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Must I Replace My Breast Implants?

The answer is it depends on the circumstances, but there is no set replacement criteria like buying new tires after a certain number of miles.  Due to media commentary and misunderstandings, much of the general public believes that women must replace their breast implants every ten years, but this is NOT the case. “Replacement” or revision surgery is necessary only in specific instances, such as the patient’s desire to increase implant size or failure of an implant. However, most commonly patients seek to replace their implants because they wish to trade out saline breast implants for silicone breast implants. Saline filled implants were the only kind available during the moratorium on silicone breast implants, but since extensive scientific research exonerated silicone breast implants from a variety of health woes, the US FDA cleared them for sale and use. Though saline implants are still available and used by breast surgeons, most patients prefer the natural feel provided by silicone gel. Questions like this one are welcomed at your consultation with Dr. Eisemann, and he will provide every patient with candid, straightforward answers. The Cosmetic Surgery Center Houston is known for excellence in plastic surgery procedure

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