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A Natural Face-lift Alternative: Facial Exercises

Doing facial exercises can help reduce wrinkles and tighten facial muscles that can redefine cheekbones, your jaw line and even your nose.
As with any alternative the results vary but for the amount of money it costs, (nothing!) I’m certainly going to give it a try.
There are some people who believe in this alternative therapy and have experienced a reduction of dark circles, fuller lips, – basically, becoming younger!
The best part is it’s all natural! And we here at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston think that’s pretty cool.

According to Carolyn Cleaves results can be seen in a couple of weeks, you’ll start getting complements after three or so months and within six to nine months you’ll look years younger! Think about the rest of your skin. Everyone knows that going to the gym will firm up your skin. So, why don’t we use the same approach and logic regarding our face? Good question… Because your facial muscles are attached directly to your skin the results are even faster. (Throughout the rest of your body, where the muscles are directly connected to your bones) We have fifty-seven muscles in our face and neck. Of those, twenty-six are voluntary and if you decide to try this you should do some research and find a good program that focuses on both neck and facial muscles.

In addition to the muscle firming benefits you can expect more blood circulation which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients skin cells get, which is part of the problem with aging and the natural aging process because we experience a reduction in circulation and other functions of the body that result in cell reduction and aging which in turn make us look older.

The world of cosmetic surgery is expanding constantly and Dr. Michael Eisemann is on the forefront of new procedures and works hard to be able to give you the best treatment possible. However, by doing what you can you take responsibility and the first step. After that if you still decide to get a procedure you’ll experience improved results by going as far as you can in support your body with its natural functions.

Because we all get busy you’ll be happy to know that muscle memory applies to facial exercises as well. So, if you start and see results, then stop, it’s not as hard to get back to where you were which for most people means doing the exercises once or twice per day in the beginning and then once per day three to five times per week after that. The more you do, the quicker the results and since they are very basic you can do them while watching T.V. or even standing in line.

From Dr. Eisemann and all of us at the Cosmetic Surgery Center, have a great week Houston!

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