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Neck Contouring Procedures – Part 1

When potential plastic surgery patients come in to discuss their necks, Dr. Michael Eisemann educates them about various techniques for enhancing the contours of the neck to its once youthful appearance. This is the one area of the body that shouts out how old a person may be. There are several options for restoring the neck on both female and male patients, including: liposuction, submentoplasty, submentoplasty with facelift, and partial salivary gland resection. Each patient is unique and before making a recommendation, Dr. Eisemann conducts a thorough evaluation of the patient’s neck and face because it is critical that to select the correct procedure or procedures to meet the patient’s realistic goals. Most patients seeking neck contouring expect to remove excess fat from the submento area, improve skin laxity in the submento area and create a more defined jaw line. Procedures such as a full lower facelift and necklift is the optimum treatment for improving the neck contours and eliminating jowls, but it is not for everyone, and some patients wish to have less invasive procedures. Over the next several days the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center will discuss various techniques for the neck, chin and jaw.

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