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Neck Contouring Procedures – Part 2

In yesterday’s blog post, The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center discussed various options for improvement of poor neck contouring. This would include procedures designed to remove excess fat and/or slack from under the chin, to improve skin laxity in the neck, and to reduce the signs of platysmal banding. The platysmal bands can be seen if the patient clenches her jaw and tilts the head back slightly. These are bands that run vertically from the lower jaw and down the neck. Though the facelift and neck lift remain the superior procedures for most patients, there are others that are less invasive which may benefit the patient and yield a great aesthetic result. One procedure that is less invasive than the facelift and/or neck lift is liposuction. The ideal patient for liposuction for neck contouring is usually under the age of 40 and a patient who has good skin and muscle tone. Today’s liposuction techniques for this part of the body involve small cannulas anywhere from 1.0 cm to 1.5 cm in diameter. This is not at all what is used for liposuction on areas such as the abdomen or thighs. The surgeon’s goal is to remove not all fat around the neck or under the chin, but to reduce the volume while leaving some fat cells. Patients should understand that aesthetic improvement is achieved the skin on the neck shrinking to fit the new contours. Therefore, if the improvement does not meet the patient’s goals, then additional procedures may be required.

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